Thursday, April 17, 2014

Breaking Ground!

This is going to be the road that goes back to the house
                                                      ..and this is the site of the house!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


I awoke this morning with my face burried in my pillow.  How was I breathing??? I thought. I rolled over and something was not quite right.  I jumped  up and went into the bathroom where the sight I beheld was frightful to say the least - my left eye was almost swollen shut.  I went back to the bedroom and woke Don up.

"Look at this!"  I exclaimed.

He raised his back from the bed trying to focus on me, when a huge smile crossed his face, followed by a smirk...

"I told you to do what I asked you the first time".. he said laughing out loud as he fell back into bed.

"That is NOT funny.." I said as I went running back to the bathroom, "Joy is bringing her (boy) friend over tonight and I do not want to look like a freak!

I have to admit that he had a point.  I looked like I  had been in a major fist fight.  I grabbed a wash cloth filled with ice and headed back to lay down.  Some of the swelling did go down, at least enough for me to see my computer screen.

3 hours later

I was working when all of a sudden, Joy's horse started to make a lot of noise, both in movement and verbally.  It continured on for several minutes.  I had to get up to look out the window to investivate - (remember - we currently live above our barn).  What I saw would make any horse persons heart speed up by a thousand... ALL of our back pasture horses were out and running around!

I signed out for a 'break" from work and went out to try and corral them back in.  One huge problem stood in my way - the grass outside of  the back pasture (not mowed) was more lush than  the grass inside - so the horses had NO intention of going back!  Also - they were  happy to visit with 2 horses that live in another paddock.

Long story short -
Good News - All horses were now contained
Bad News - None were in the back pasture
Good News - in the space of about 15 minutes - I had logged well over 2000 steps on my Pedometer!

All this before noon!  Life is never boring!!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Gracie's Surgery

Gracie is our 4-5 year old Corgi.  She was surrendered and we adopted her just before Don left work for a year to take his last Hepatitis C treatment.  They bonded instantly since he was with her all the time and she seemed to have separation anxiety.

Well about a month ago, Gracie started to act like her should was hurting.  We waited and sometimes it seemed to go away, but would soon return.  Long story short - after 2 visits to the vet and weeks of steroids, it was just getting worse and worse.  We were referred to Texas A&M Vet for further tests. 

As you know, animals do not understand the concept of "hyperchondriacism", so I can only imagine how much pain she was in, when she cried out and would not raise her head!  We suspected correctly - Gracie had a massive slipped disc.  A&M had the proper equipment to diagnosis it and did surgery right away. 

The cost was substancial - and the money came out of my house building budget - but Hey ... Gracie is a part of our family and if I have to wait a bit longer to get something for the house, well - Gracie will now be there with us to enjoy it!

Here she is - on her first day home.   She looks a bit like she jumped through a shredder!! 

She was too shy to look at the camera.

They shaved the back of her neck to do a spinal tap.

Unlike on humans, they went in to do the surgery from under her neck.

..and every one of her little legs has a shaved band around it - from IV's I suppose.

Gracie's recovery will be a long 6 weeks.  We have to carry her up and down the stairs and keep her from running.  She does not jump on and off the furniture - so that is thankfully not an issue!
Thank  you Lord that she is on her way to recovery!! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Did I Say....

.. we would be breaking ground tomorrow?  Well - if I did .. I must have misunderstood.  I spoke to the Dirt Guy last night and he has us down for next Friday... not this Friday.... sigh...........