Monday, July 21, 2014


...are up!!

Newest front view.  More siding up as well.

Smaller cupula over the garage with the finial. is a shot of them both..

..and I could not get a picture that gave the larger one justice.  It is just beautiful!!

The roofers are coming tomorrow to finish out their work - which includes roofing these cupulas.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Response To My Letter...

..came a mere 30 minutes after I sent it!!  Whoo Hoooooo... my doors will be delivered on Tuesday!

Letter Writting...

Many many years ago, I wrote a long letter to Fannie May Candy Company.. my Dad's favorite candy.  Long story short - the candy company was going through a merger and I had ordered candy for my Dad's birthday that never showed up.  I was promised both candy and refund over and over ... and still neither showed up.... well - until I was willing to sit down and write a very constructive factual letter citing that "I likened their customer service department to the depths of a latrine!"

Again - long story short - my Dad got his candy, I got my refund and a bunch of gift certificates and I also got a call from the CFO of the company who said he was taking my letter into a meeting and reading it to the entire staff!

That story gave me a reputation at work to help anyone who was having issues with a company - needing to write a letter!

Fast forward to today... I had to write 'one of those' letters again.  Instead of trying to tell you what is going on.. I will just let you read the letter for yourself!

I am building a home with Built Green - an owner builder company where I act as the contractor with the assistance of a Built Green consultant. Built Green is the largest owner builder company in the state of Texas. In this process we use different vendors and consistently give feed back as to the products, prices and services we get from the vendors we use. I also keep a personal Internet diary of my own experiences. 
I placed a large exterior door order with Luis Jimenez on the 17th of May, paying for only 1 interior door I took with me that day ($486.04). It took some time to get every exterior door into inventory but on June 3rd, we put in the order - again with Luis who was extremely helpful! This order ($6325.05) was paid for in full. On the 24th of June we added an additional door to the order ($929.87) that was paid in full on that day. 
 I was told that the expected date of completion would be early to mid July, so I started calling on July 7th as so many other contractors are in line to do work on our home. The secretary confirmed on the 11th of July that the full door order would be ready on the 15th. Since then, I am unable to get any clear information about the completion of this order. This is extremely frustrating since I am constantly asked by our framer when the doors will arrive.
I do not have any complaints about Luis. Give him a raise as it is obvious he is a hard working, is genuinely kind and helpful and very knowledgeable! Your door prices seem to be better than your competition.. but if I get tagged with extra charges from other vendors for multiple trips to our build site that are unnecessary, that nullifies the cost savings on the doors. I am unable to judge the doors themselves because I do not have possession of them. 
Communication is the biggest problem I see with your company at this time. Many times when I call to try and get an update, I am left on an automatic hold for longer than 20 minutes even though the message assures me I am the "NEXT IN LINE". Usually - I hang up in frustration. When I do get a hold of a real person, they are unable to get in touch with the department who frames the doors to check on my order, so for over a week now, I am still only trying to get an estimated date of completion, based on your very own schedule.
I still need to purchase all of our interior doors and honestly, If this does not get cleared up soon, I am not sure I am willing to go through all of this frustration again just to save a few hundred dollars. 
...and just in case I still have your attention - get a delivery truck! It would be free advertisement as they made the deliveries through out the area and your customers would be more than willing to pay for this service when buying such a large order as I have placed.
Julie Size

The Pex System

This was something I knew nothing about until we started to plan our house.  It is a new delivery system of water throughout the house - both hot and cold that is akin to the way electricity runs through the house. 

Each faucet has it's own hot and cold water tubes.
That run from a main system that allows you to turn them on or off in the case of a leak, so you do not have to turn off all the house water!

Since we will have 2 hot water heaters, there are 2 of these systems in our home, one for one side and one for the other.

Whomever thought of this was a genius and it cost the same as the old type of water system.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This One is for You Joy...

My daughter Joy called me last night to complain because I have not updated my blog with new pictures!... ha ha ... well - there is a reason for that.. there has been little progress in the last few days and what has been done - is hard to photograph... but here you go!

First - a reason for some delay.. we are getting rain again.  It was time as the fields were getting dry.  thank you Lord for the rain!!!  ... but I will be glad when the house is completely dried in so that the rain stays outside!!

This picture is for Joy... yesterday the AC guys came and placed the airhandlers and drain pans way up high in the attic.  I have no clue how they got them up there though! 

This is kind of hard to see, but this is the master 'water closet'.. just a toilet in a separate room with the staircase above it.

This is my closet and one of my girlfriends had a great idea.  This closet is much larger than I thought it was going to be... Debbie suggested I take this back area and make it a sewing room!!  I love that idea!!
The roof cupula's were delivered yesterday.  I hope the roofers and framers come today.  The roofers need to put shingles on the cupula roof and the framers will put the cupulas on the roof.  I am so thankful they came in 3 pieces so they are not as heavy!!  This is the bottom and the roof..

..and this is the center piece.

I have come to the conclusion that trying to act as the contractor in building your own house is a lot like trying to HERD CATS!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Make Time.... go and see this movie!!
America: Imagine the World Without Her...