Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Well - we have had some hick-ups and things have slowed down a bit in the construction of the house, but here is what we are working on now.

First of all, more crushed rock delivered and the drive in front of the house is now done.

Second - I got a call and found out the price of dry wall was going to increase by 20% as of January 1st. so instead of going on to the next step , which would have been insulation, we decided to use the money on the dry wall... and trust me when I say it was a LOT of money..

These are the frames for the pocket doors.  They have been delivered but not yet installed.

Another issue we have been dealing with is a leak.  We had a bad leak coming from the 2nd story porch which is located right above the kitchen eating area.  The roofers had to come back out and completely reseal that porch and I am now waiting for a big rain to test it before we even think of doing anything else... at least anything else that would close off that area - like insulation.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Update on Me!

So a while back I decided it was now or never to try and correct some of my bad eating habits and to get these 15 pounds off that had crept onto my body since my late 40's.  A part of me was starting to give up and just settle, but do you know what?  I do not think we are ever to just 'settle'!  

About that time, one of my girlfriends whom I only saw about 2 times a month started to lose weight.  The first time I saw her and noticed, she casually mentioned that she was doing a clean eating/nutritional cleansing program.  Well 2 weeks later when I saw her again, I was shocked!  She looked amazing.  Her tummy was flat, her clothes were loose and I could even see a difference in her face.....and her skin was just glowing!

I had to know more.  She kept going on and on about how great she felt and I kept going on and on about how great she looked.  My focus was getting the extra weight off only at that point.  She gave me the name of her nutritional coach and I gave her a call.  

I gave myself a week to prepare for the changes I was going to make and used the time to wean myself slowly off of the massive amounts of Diet Dr. Pepper I was drinking ...and one day as I was going through my closet, I pulled out one of my favorite dresses.  I knew it would not fit, but I wanted to see how far off I was.... yeah... I was FAR OFF.  I did not try to zip it because I was afraid it might rip the dress!  This is the dress, which I left hanging in plain sight for inspiration.. 

..and here I am now wearing my little black dress comfortably and ready to go out on a date!!  I have lost 14 pounds and still losing.  I am completely delivered off of caffeine, diet pills and no longer crave packaged food that is jam packed full of excito-toxins and void of nutrition!  

My friend was right.  I feel amazing and it is not just about getting the pounds off.  I feel energized.  I feel happy and goal minded again.  I want to do things and not just sit on the sofa and watch TV like I used to.  This has changed the way I feel about myself, about taking care of the body God gave me and because of that, I decided to become a coach as well!!!   

..and just a few stats:  I am 52 years old.  I am 5'6" and now weigh in the upper 120's.  I had to have a complete hysterectomy several years back - so I know the struggles of hormone fluctuation and what it does to your metabolism.  I have not had plastic surgery - unless you count the surgery I had when I was 6 on  my cheek for the removal of a large scar! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Few Sparks! the Electricians started working - although it seems like they show up every other day!  Anyway - there is a bunch of these:

..and a whole lot of this..

..and hubby's wish is coming true for more lights because there are tons of these in the ceiling..

...and then there is this cryptic language written all over the walls!!  Maybe my Electricians are from another planet!..ha ha 

..kind of  boring to look at, but it will be nice to get another project off of the to do list!  I hope they finish this week.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Getting Electrified!

...well - soon anyway!!  The electrician came out yesterday and we walked the house.  He is not only doing the electrical work, but will also wire the for hard line phones, wifi, wire the house with speakers so we will have music in the kitchen, den, library, dining room and the back porch and he is putting in surround sound in the play room... well - the wiring for the surround sound!

His crew starts next week!!  Yippie!!!  Thank you Lord!!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ummmm - We Need To Fix This!

Should I be able to see day light through my roof???  Apparently the framers removed some roofing shingles when they put up the Cupola's and well - I think they got a bit over zealous!    

Thankfully - our framer is the bomb and has just been a joy to work with and he sent me an e-mail saying he would be out this week to correct this.  Thanks Nelson.. You Rock!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Outside of One More Repair...

.. I think the framer is finally done!!!
They had to reframe out the fireplaces

.. they built frames around the AC vents on the second story..

In some rooms we had to make sure the build outs matched so they do not look odd after the dry wall goes up.

...and the very last window was also installed.

This picture makes it look tiny, but it is actually quite large!  Once the house is painted white and the trim around this window is black, I believe it will look larger.

Called the electrician this morning - but we may be a week away from him getting started.  I am told that the electrical rough out takes a week. 

Once he is done, the next step is insulation.

Meanwhile - I keep going down there and working on the clean up... burning a lot of the lumber debris and putting everything else into the dumpster.... hard work, especially when it is hot!!