Friday, August 29, 2014

French Doors

We plan to have the house painted white with black trim, but because that will not happen for a while and the upstairs French doors are exposed to the elements, it was suggested that I go ahead and paint them now.  I have only been able to do the first coat, so they look messy as the plastic that is protecting the glass is still on the doors.... but you get the idea!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Short Update..

I ran down to the house this morning because (Thank You Lord!!) clouds are forming and we are sure to get some rain!  I wanted to make sure the windows were shut as the workers will sometimes open them on hot days. 

The AC guys were down there and they told me they will be finished this afternoon!!  So now I get to call the framer back and we can continue on!  Another problem solved was the fireplace in the library.  They came back and replaced the unit with a smaller one that fits the depth.  Will take a picture the next time I have my camera with me.

Waiting to hear from the guy who will  install the front door.  We are getting close to getting the whole house dried in. 

As for the Carriage House, which is where we currently live:

Once we are at the point of moving out, some revamping will need to be done before the next step, mainly new carpeting!  Our plan has always been to use this as an income generating source, but since I am unsure about the timing of the completion of the main house, I am not sure of any I will just let God handle it! 

Right now, it is packed to the gills.  We have stuff stored that we have purchased for the house from light fixtures to furniture.  When my parents passed away, I inherited lots of furniture and household items from them ... and when Emily and Daren and their family were transferred to Germany, they blessed us with a TON of stuff.  I feel like I am one item away from being featured on the next eppisode of Hoarders! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Refrigerator/Freezer Arrived Today!

I was starting to get a bit worried - this was suppose to show up on Monday!  The unit will have to be stored in the garage until we are ready for it, but the deal was so sweet, I could not pass it up!
I will let you in on a secret.  This looks like one huge unit.  It is actually 2 pieces, one being a full refrigeratory and one being a full freezer.  A trim kit on the top and bottom makes it look like one of those appliances that costs as much as a small car!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Can I Be 2/3rd's Happy??

Well - you will understand this chapter heading in a minute!  Yesterday I found out that the fireplace guys were coming.  I thought they were just coming to measure, but when I went to check things out, I saw that they had actually installed the units!!!  In case you do not know, putting a fireplace into a newly build house is really cheap compared to other upgrades.  Each only only costs about 1800.00.  We opted to put 3 into our house, which probably represents how much I have missed having one the last 13 years as we were not allowed to put one in the Carriage House. (per the mean insurance company!)

Anyway - here they are:

This is a corner unit that is in our family room.  This is the unit that will be used the most.
This one is in the Master bedroom.  Will probably be used more for atmosphere than for heat...but if we have a winter like we did last year... who knows!!

..and here is the one in the Library... but wait - something is just not right!

..even though the opening for this unit was wider and taller than any of the others, it is clearly over 6" more shallow!

They have to come back and replace this unit with another that is not as deep because there is no way we can make this look like it was a good design!

While I am thrilled that things are moving forward again with the house, the AC guys did not show up again yesterday and I have not received a confirmation as to when they will be back.  That will hold up most other contractors.  

Monday, August 25, 2014

Not Much To Report...

Here is the newest front view of the house:

I say newest because it is newer than the last front view pic I posted - but acutally this was taken almost a week ago.  It shows the finished trim around the arched dining room window and the transome window above the front door.  Not much has been done recently.  In fact - the AC guys who were suppose to come this weekend and finish, no-showed on me..  boo hoo.   Now I have to put off the framer until they get done.

I did get the first coat of paint on the exterior of the French doors upstairs.  I felt nervous doing it.  I LOVE to do things myself, but with this home, I want everything done just right ~ so I did not want to mess anything up!  I love this home.  Thank you Lord for blessing us with it!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Space Center..

You have to admit that that is what our attic space looks like as the AC flex tubing is going in!!!

They are suppose to finish up this weekend.

The framer will have to build frames around chutes like these that bring the air from the attic units down to the first floor.  I am hoping that it will bring character into the rooms and not make them just look odd!

The plumber came back to install the shower valves and he is done now for a while.

Framer: finish the laundry chute, put in the last window, frame around the AC tubing.
Front door: installed by a different guy (not the framer)
Me:  I need to paint the upstairs French Doors on the exterior
Me:  I need to select tile for the outdoor porches.
Me:  I need to hire someone to build the railings for the porchs
Electrician needs to be hired after a few more bills are paid.